Creating Two Lifts From a Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

The Clearly Adjustable lift is designed to provide support along as much of the length of the foot as possible,  to reduce "bridging" of the heel and ball of the foot, and support the foot for best comfort. Ideally, an in-shoe insert should extend to just back of the metatarsal head, so that a constant slope is added under the foot up to the ball, where the foot can bend slightly to meet the sole of the shoe.  

If a Clearly Adjustable shoe lift is to be used for 6mm of height (1/4") or less, it will be most comfortable and supportive if the longest possible length is retained by removing intermediate layers of the material, instead of removing all layers from the top. Taking all layers from the top results in shortening the length of the lift, and does not give the best possible comfort at 6mm (1/4") or less height.

This same technique also creates two 6mm heel lifts from a single Clearly Adjustable lift, saving you money.

To make two 6mm Clearly Adjustable heel lifts:

    - and -   

You can also reduce the height of each of these lifts to less than 6mm by removing layers from the top. The two layers will differ slightly in their effective height under the center of the heel, by 1/2mm or about 1/50th of an inch.

To keep the longest possible support at 4mm or less, use every third layer of the material to create two lifts that will look like these:

   - and - 

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