Adjustable Shoe Lift and Wedge from Clearly Adjustable Where to Buy the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift
Read about the Clearly Adjustable heel lift.
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On the Internet or Phone

Offers a wide range of foot comfort products. Shop online or call 1-888-671-8027

Specialists in heel lifts for chiropractic and orthopedic needs. Shop online or call 1-800-235-4387

Provides physical therapy and rehab products to individuals and professionals. Call 1-888-259-5380

Massage Warehouse offers supplies for Massage Therapy and Spa use

In the U.K. and Ireland

Offers a wide range of foot care solutions and advice to individuals in the
British Isles

The retail arm of Anglo European Chiropractic College offering chiropractic supplies and general patient aids.

ComfyFeet offers a wide selection of insoles and other adaptations - call  0800 787 9045 in England

Distributors to Shoe Stores, Orthotists and Shoe Repair

Offers foot-related supplies and products to shoe repair and retail shoe stores. Ask your local shop to stock the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift.

In England

Offers a range of pre-formed orthotic devices to foot professionals in the U.K. 


Retail Stores

FootSolutions in 150 US locations and 7 countries. Find a store near you.

Healthcare Professionals and Organizations:

AliMed                 Scrip Chiropractic Supply

Kom Kare offers supplies to therapeutic professionals in chiropractic and physical therapy.                LSI International

In Canada

Vittoria Phoenix, Inc.

In the UK

Algeos, Ltd.


 Australia/New Zealand

Access Health supplies Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Podiatrists, and Rehab specialists in Australia.

Algeos, Ltd.

We are proud to announce that Clearly Adjustable heel lifts are supplied to U.S. Military and V.A. health care under DAPA procurement number SPO200-04-H-0021. We do not sell our products directly: please choose from the distributors above. For volume distribution only, email us.

Clearly Adjustable®, U.S. Patented.