Sandals with Heel Lifts from Clearly Adjustable

Many people are reluctant to wear heel lifts with summer sandals, particularly with high-heeled ladies fashion sandals, or strappy sandals, as most heel lifts are easily visible underfoot in an open-heeled shoe.

The Clearly Adjustable lift is ideal for use with sandals, as the transparent material is nearly invisible in place. Unlike most shoe lifts, which are white or dark colors, the Clearly Adjustable lift takes on the color of the sandal itself.  It is unobtrusive and unlikely to be noticed, and so is much more likely to be used with summer wear.

When ordering any heel lift for use with sandals, we suggest using the next-larger width than you would normally use in closed-heel shoes; since the foot tends to move from side-to-side when walking in sandals, a wider heel lift provides a more stable and comfortable platform.

Unlike a closed-heel shoe, where the Clearly Adjustable lift remains in place due to its stair-stepped bottom surface, the lift must be fixed in place on a sandal by some other means; either of two methods can accomplish this:

  • One approach is to simply staple or tack the lift to the heel of the sandal. The type of heavy-duty staples used for ceiling tile are ideal. For best comfort, to avoid possibly feeling the staple under your heel, remove the top few layers from a Clearly Adjustable lift. Then staple or tack the bottom layers in place, and replace the top layers, to isolate the heel from the staple or nail heads. Any shoe repair shop can perform this installation in minutes, if you are unable to do it yourself.

  • Alternately, a strip of double-faced tape can be used to hold the lift in place, provided that the tape is compatible with the vinyl material of the heel lift. Some carpet tapes sold in hardware stores will react with the lift material, and can soften the heel lift or slip around. We recommend the inexpensive tape sold specifically for this purpose by G&W Heel Lift. 

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Richard W. Zehr, the author, is the manufacturer of the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift, and a person who has required compensation for a moderate leg length discrepancy for several decades, thus having had considerable experience with heel lift products. ©2004