Three Sizes Available

The transparent adjustable heel lift for physical therapy and leg length discrepancy.

The width of the heel pocket, not the size of the shoe, determines the fit of a heel lift. The right size lift to order will fit closely in, or be slightly larger than, the width of the heel portion of your shoe, which you can easily measure across the inside of the shoe as shown.

Measure the heel width

Heel width will vary from one pair of shoes to another, and fitting may require trimming the lift. Clearly Adjustable heel lifts are easily trimmed smaller using scissors or a razor blade. 

The width of the heel pocket in a pair of shoes is related to shoe width as well as to the size, so the shoe sizes shown below are only approximate.

The widths of the three sizes of lifts are:

Lift Size

Approximate Shoe Sizes (US) Approximate Shoe Sizes (EU) Approximate Shoe Sizes (UK)


Up to Ladies size 7, Mens 6 Up to Ladies size 37, Mens 37 Up to Ladies size 5, Mens 5


Up to Ladies size 10, Mens size 8 Up to Ladies size 40, Mens size 40 Up to Ladies size 8, Mens size 8


Ladies size 10 or larger, Mens 9 or larger, or for use in sandals Ladies size 41 or larger, Mens 41 or larger Ladies size 8 or larger, Mens 8 or larger

All sizes are supplied in 12mm(1/2") maximum elevation, measured approximately 1" from the back of the lift.

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