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Varus/Valgus Wedging with the Clearly Adjustable Heel Lift

Which heel lift is best for you? A guide to choosing the right product.
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Varus/Valgus Correction

The Clearly Adjustable heel lift provides varus/valgus wedging without any additional products in the shoe, and without changing the elevation of the lift, by trimming and rearranging layers. You can create variable angular correction of up to 5°. Most customization can be undone by replacing the pieces in their original positions.

The degree of angular correction varies with the number of layers changed and the width of the lift. Side-to-side change of 1mm will produce approximately 1° of angular correction on the Small size lift, and 2/3° on the Large. Note that the overall height of the lift is not affected by varus/valgus wedging, as the center of the calcaneus still rests on the same number of layers

This procedure takes far longer to describe than to accomplish; the short description is that you cut off a piece from one edge of the lift, and place it along the other edge to form a wedge. The details are:

  • For one mm of angular correction, remove one of the upper layers of the lift, cut it down the middle, and remove one half. Round the corner.

A 1mm varus or valgus wedge

  • For two mm of correction, cut a layer one-third of the way from the edge, trim the small piece to shorten and round it, flip it over, and re-apply along the opposite edge.

2mm Varus/Valgus wedging

  • Three mm of correction is accomplished by modifying two layers; the second layer should be cut at the one-fourth point, rather than one-third. Trim to shorten and round the pieces before re-applying to taper the edge of the lift smoothly.

1mm wedge for pronation or suppination  +  different 2mm wedge for running shoes

  • For four mm, two layers must be cut, at one-fifth and two-fifths of the way across. Trim one piece shorter than the other to feather the edge.

2mm wedge for v/v correction  +  makes 4mm V/V wedge

  • Five mm of lateral wedge requires adding one mm more correction (as in the first figure above) to the four mm correction.

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